About Us.

Design Nest are Sharon Kay & Vicky Thorpe.
After working for 15 years in the design industry, we decided to set up our own lovely design agency to allow ourselves the creative freedom we feel our clients deserve.

Since the hatching of Design Nest in 2013, we’ve grown organically into our beautiful premises at Pineapple Lodge on the Welbeck Estate in Worksop, Nottinghamshire.

Here we can benefit not only from the inspiring historical surroundings but also from the wealth of other creative and artisan businesses that thrive here.

Sharon – Account Direction | Marketing Campaigns | Copywriting | Editorials | Project Management | Art Direction | Design Consultation | Good listener | Fashion advice | Knows a lot about food!

Vicky – Creative Graphic Design | Art Direction | Brand Identity | Product Design | Prospectus Design | Brochure Design | Email Newsletters | Stationery Design | Knows a lot about food | Bakes a great cake!

Sharon - Design Nest
Vicky at Design Nest